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     As a result of their  therianthropy, wereboars had some significant physical mutations.  Species with body hair found it altered to become stiff as wire  bristles, their eyes became sunken and color changes to a deep red or  black. Those species that did not have a "snout", found themselves  growing a small one and their lower canine growing a bit longer than  normal, but still concealable.  Finally, skin tones adjusted to be more  ruddy than normal.      In their hybrid form they become huge  boar-humanoids.  They have large tusks, and sharp incisors.  They also  grow long boar-like tails.  Their core body, arms and hands maintain  their species humanoid shapes, but are must more muscular.     In their animal form they are huge boars.

Most species that are wereboars tend to become stockier  individuals.  Part of the curse that their therianthropy entails causes  their personalities to shift towards being bad-tempered, volatile,  brutish and often crude.  They enjoy getting into brawls and since they  are able to transform between their states much quicker than other  werebeasts, they have little to fear as the shifting process is one that  they use to intimidate and frighten their opponents.  Most wereboars  are known to for their loyalty to a fault, but have a sense of paranoia  that plagues them: the assume everyone is hostile and are very wary of  strangers. Because of their base nature it is always difficult to tell  whether or not was being friendly.

Species Adjustments

These are the adjustments that a character with this therianthropy gain in addition to their character. 

Merit Point Increase: +1500 per rank in addition to normal Species Merit Cost 

Health Points: +15 

Attributes: +10 to Stamina, Agility OR+10 to Wits,  Willpower 

Move: +15 to base Movement        

Vulnerability: Weapon Vulnerability (Cold Forged Iron) A wereboar is particularly vulnerable to the use of silver weapons. When this weapon is used against them they suffer additional 2d10 of bonus damage. 

Therianthrope Special Abilities in Humanoid form:  

Animal Telepathy:  A therianthrope-humanoid can mentally communicate with its specific  animal types (rats, wolves,bears, bats, drakes, tigers, apes,  etc.) within 90’. 

Berserk: When a  therianthrope-humanoid enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance  each turn that it will go berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes  on a rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller  than itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to  spread more destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to  Physical Defense Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a therianthrope-humanoid is dead.

 Hard to Kill:  Anytime that a therianthrope-humanoid is reduced to 0 health it may  make a Stamina Check. If successful a therianthrope-humanoid  continues to fight and move on. A therianthrope-humanoid must make a new  Stamina  Check each time it is hit or once per turn until it can  be healed or is killed. If it fails the check it dies instantly. 

Natural Armor: The therianthrope-humanoid has a natural armor of (Stamina Modifier x3). 

Regeneration:  A therianthrope-humanoid can regenerate Health Points equal to (their  Stamina modifier) health points per hour, along with regenerating  lost limbs. 

Hybrid Form Statistics 

These  are the adjustments that a character gains when they transform into  their hybrid form.  These are always "in addition" to their species base  along with their therianthropic species adjustments listed above. 


Health Points: +15 (to PC Base) 

Attack Skill: +10 (to PC Base)        

Initiative: +10 

Attacks: Fist/Bite (6/8;a10,b5) ; 

Armor: Thick Skinned (Light Armor) (15); +5 Armor Absorb vs. Bludgeoning and Slashing weapon types 

Physical Defense: +15 (to PC Base)     Magical Defense: +0 (to PC Base) 

Divine Defense: +0 (to PC Base)        Jinhu Defense: +15 (to PC Base) 

Move: +10 (to PC Base)     Luck Points: 2     Vision: Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: +10, Agi: +10, Per: +15                             

                      Int: +10, Will: +15 

Special Abilities 

Berserk When  a wereboar enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance each turn  that it will go berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes on a  rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller than  itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to spread more  destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to Physical Defense  Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a werebear is dead. 

Brash Attacks  Once  per turn a wereboar is able to attack with such fierceness and  aggressiveness that it catches opponents off guard.  Opponents are  granted a Wits vs TS 2, those that fail suffer a -40 to Physical  Defense each turn they are attacked.  Brash Attacks are not  cumulative against the same target in the same turn. 

Dark Blood  The  creature can recover incredibly fast, regaining up to 3d10+5 points in  Health every turn, even to the  point of regrowing lost limbs or  organs but not heads (a head cannot regenerate a body) within 14-Stamina  Modifier days.   

Immunity (Normal Weapons) A wereboar is immune to all damage from normal weapons. 

Quickshape A wereboar can alter between their forms as a Full Turn Action (1 turn). 

Animal Form Statistics 

These are the stats of the specific animal form that the therianthrope takes on. 

Boar Form (Medium Sized; 4' to 6' ) 

Health Points: 73     

Attack Skill: 83/73; +5 Str Dmg     

Attacks: Claws (6) or Bite (9) 

Armor Type: Tough Hide (Light Armor) (15); +5 vs. Bludgeoning and Piercing Physical Defense: 81        Magical Defense: 53     

Divine Defense: 59           Jinhu Defense: 54 

Str: 75 (5), Sta: 71 (5), Agi: 74 (5), Per: 76 (6)

 Int: 69 (4), Wits: 70 (4), Will: 70 (4), Cha: 75 (5) 

Move: 25'           Vision: Normal


Alertness 62, Evade 67, Search 67, Track 100 


Abilities Battle Frenzy When a boar becomes battered, it flies into a battle frenzy until it is killed or is returned to a non-battered state. During this time it becomes immune to critical  hits, and gains +30 to its attacks and +15 to its  Physical Defense. 

Death Rage When a boar is reduced to 0 in Health Points it flies into a berserk rage, attacking madly until either it or its opponent(s) is dead. This rage allows it to ignore Battered  Status and gains a +20 bonus to its damage. This lasts for d10+2 turns before it dies. 

Gore  A  boar is able to use its horn(s), to severely gore an opponent that it  is attacking causing (triple its Strength Modifier) in  bonus damage.  The target of the gore is allowed an Agility check at a  TS of 3.

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