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      Weredrakes make up a special type of therianthrope.  In most cases  they are the offspring of a polymorphed dragon and the specific species  that has this therianthropy.  Others believe that it is a true curse  placed upon those by the Alu-Mutu'alu, the great dragon goddess and  daughter of Shu-Mhazul the First Great One.

     In either philosophy  of creation, weredrakes are unique nonetheless.  They manifest rarely  in most species, and never within the Syliph or Ta'Jahu.  Those with  this therianthropy physically change.  On various locations on their  bodies, skin is replaced with smooth, reptilian scales which are  typically in concentration around their forearms, lower legs, shoulders,  chest and back. Their normal canines become more fang-like, their  eye-brow ridges become more pronounced and thicker.  Some even grow a  bony plate of scutes along their back, following their spines. 

        In their hybrid form they appear as a humanoid-drake and are  impressively tall, growing to a height between 9' and 10'.  Their mouths  and heads change into a "draconic" shape with a snout, and short horns.  Their hands and feet morph into a clawed versions.  They all have a  tail that is twice their normal height.

     Generally, most  weredrakes pursue a path of good, and many are known for their strict  adherence to a sense of honor that they develop.  Using their "Gift" to  protect others and stand against the forces of chaos and evil where they  can.  There are others of course that see their gift as Shu-Mhazul  truly intended, to be used to cause chaos, bring forth darkness and to  cause misery to mortal beings.

      Most all species few weredrakes  as arrogant, filled with pride as well as dedicated to self-imposed high  standards and excellence.  In some the could be angered at a whim while  others are broody, and still others were humble and laid back.

Species Adjustments

These are the adjustments that a character with this therianthropy gain in addition to their character. 

Merit Point Increase: +2000 per rank in addition to normal Species Merit Cost 

Health Points: +25 

Attributes: +10 to Strength and Stamina; OR                           

                     +10 to Intelligence and +10 Wits        

Move: Gain +15 to Base Movement        

Vulnerability: Weapon Vulnerability (Oak) A weredrake is particularly vulnerable to the use of oak weapons.  When this weapon is used against them they suffer additional 2d10 of bonus damage. 

Therianthrope Special Abilities in Humanoid form:

Animal Telepathy:  A therianthrope-humanoid can mentally communicate with its specific  animal types (rats, wolves, bears, bats, drakes, tigers, apes,  etc.) within 90’. 

Berserk: When a  therianthrope-humanoid enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance  each turn that it will go  berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes  on a rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller  than  itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to  spread more destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to  Physical Defense Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a  therianthrope-humanoid is dead. 

Hard to Kill:  Anytime that a therianthrope-humanoid is reduced to 0 health it may  make a Stamina Check. If successful a therianthrope-humanoid  continues to fight and move on. A therianthrope-humanoid must make a new  Stamina Check each time it is hit or once per turn until it can  be healed or is killed. If it fails the check it dies instantly. 

Natural Armor: The therianthrope-humanoid has a natural armor of (Stamina Modifier x3). 

Regeneration:  A therianthrope-humanoid can regenerate Health Points equal to (their  Stamina modifier) health points per hour, along with regenerating  lost limbs. 

Hybrid Form Statistics  

These  are the adjustments that a character gains when they transform into  their hybrid form.  These are always "in addition" to their species base  along with their therianthropic species adjustments listed above. 

Health Points: +25 (to PC Base) 

Attack Skill: +10 (to PC Base)        

Initiative: +10 

Attacks: Claw/Bite (6;a10,b5) ; +10 Str Dmg 

Armor: Thick Skinned (Light Armor) (15); +5 Armor Absorb vs. Pierceing and Slashing weapon types 

Physical Defense: +15 (to PC Base)     Magical Defense: +15 (to PC Base) 

Divine Defense: +25 (to PC Base)        Jinhu Defense: +0 (to PC Base) 

Move: +15 (to PC Base)     Luck Points: 2     Vision: Heightened Nightvision 

Attributes: Str: +10, Agi: +10, Per: +15                             

                    Int: +10, Wits: +15, Will: +10 

Special Abilities 

Abundant Leap As a Move Action a weredrake has the ability to leap and jump up to double its normal movement. 

Attach If  a weredrake hits with an attack it may attempt latch onto the target  with its jaws or claws.  Targets are allowed either a Strength  check or an Agility check to avoid this attempt.  Those that fail are  considered grappled.  So long as a weredrake is attached to the  target it causes an additional d10+5 point(s) of damage per turn.  A  weredrake can release the hold at anytime.  If the weredrake is  killed it releases the hold. Targets may attempt to shake of the  creature with an  opposed Strength check against the creature. 

Cause Fear  Any  being, other than creatures of the same type, that is within 15’ of the  creature must make a Willpower check at a TS of 2  Those that  fail are Troubled.  Defense needs to only be made once per encounter  with the creature. 

This is a charm effect. 

Ram  The  creature can ram a foe – or several, if the targets are small enough.   For the full effect, they must have at least  5 feet to move in.   They can ram one creature equal to their size, two are that are one size  smaller, three if the targetsare three sizes smaller or four if  they are four sizes smaller.  Ramming requires an Agility check and is  considered aMove Action or can be used in conjunction with a  melee attack, an Agility check is still required for the ram.  Those  thatare targeted by a ram must make a Strength or Agility check  with the number of successes made by the creature as a  penalty.   Those that fail are knocked down and knocked back 3d10'+10 feet and  suffer 2d10 points in Fatigue damage. 

Tail Slap  As  a Simple Action a weredrake is able to tail slap anyone that is behind  them within an arc. Those targeted by a tail slap may attempt to  dodge the slap by making a Physical Defense at -20 (+5 per rank; maximum  -75) penalty.  Those that fail are struck normally for 3d10 points  of fatigue damage and knocked back Large 10'. 

Animal Form Statistics

 These are the stats of the specific animal form that the therianthrope takes on. 

Drake Form (Large Sized; 10'-12')

Health Points: 120

 Attack Skill: 125/115; +9 Str Dmg     

Attacks: Claws (6) or Bite (9) 

Armor Type: Tough Hide (Light Armor) (10); +5 vs. Bludgeoning and Piercing Physical Defense: 81        Magical Defense: 53     

Divine Defense: 59           Jinhu Defense: 54 

Str: 97 (9) Sta: 97 (9) Agi: 79 (5) Per: 72 (4)

 Int: 64 (2) Wits: 63 (2) Will: 61 (2) Cha: 57 (1) 

Move: 20'           Vision: Nightvision


 Alertness 82, Evade 83, Intimidation 82, Search 82, Track 100 

Special Abilities

Cat Leap A weredrake’s horizontal jump is increased by +5 feet, and vertical jump is doubled. 

Rage Strike When  a weredrakeattacks it does so with such ferocity that its opponents may  lose their nerve. The rage  strike imposes -10 penalty to a  weredrake’s attack, but forces the opponent to make a Fear check at a TS  of 4. Those that fail are considered Troubled. 

Tail Slap As  a Simple Action a weredrake is able to tail slap anyone that is behind  them. Those targeted by a tail slap may attempt to dodge the slap  by making a Physical Defense at -10 penalty. Those that fail are struck  normally for 4d10 points of fatigue damage and knocked back  3d10'.

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