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       Next to the wereowl as one the three Asphikos (avian therianthropes), those that have this therianthropy are considered  amongst the wisest, cunning and most genius of all therianthropes.  To a  number of species those that have this therianthropy are considered  demi-gods, symbolizing change and spiritual force.  Most wereravens tend  to be of good or devoted good philosophy.

      Most of those that  have this therianthropy tend to develop personality traits that include  being wary and secretive, not in the same way as wererats or others that  try to hide their therianthropy, but more akin to introversion and  keeping to themselves more than outright avoiding society.

      Wereravens take on some physical changes with this therianthropy. Nearly all have their hair change to become sheer black, and those that  do not have hair have black lighting streaks emerge along their chests  and shoulders. Their eye gain a golden circle around their pupils, or in  the case of species without standard pupils a golden ring in the center  of their eyes.

     When in their hybrid form they sprout black  feathered wings from their back, their legs alter into bird-like form  and end with powerful talons.  Their heads alter to allow a beak to form  from their mouths.  Their arms, mid-body remain humanoid but their hand  end in clawed fingers.

       In their animal form they appear as a giant raven.

Species Adjustments

These are the adjustments that a character with this therianthropy gain in addition to their character. 

Merit Point Increase: +1250 per rank in addition to normal Species Merit Cost 

Health Points: +10 

Attributes: +10 to Agility and Perception; OR

                    +10 to Intelligence and +10 Charisma        

Move: Gain +10 to Base Movement        

Vulnerability: Weapon Vulnerability (Obsidian) A wereraven is particularly vulnerable to the use of obsidian weapons.  When this weapon is used against them they suffer additional 2d10 of bonus damage. 

Therianthrope Special Abilities in Humanoid form:

Animal Telepathy:  A therianthrope-humanoid can mentally communicate with its specific  animal types (rats, wolves, bears, bats, drakes, tigers, apes,  etc.) within 90’. 

Berserk: When a  therianthrope-humanoid enters combat, there is a cumulative 10% chance  each turn that it will go  berserk. The uncontrolled creature goes  on a rampage, attacking the nearest foe or smashing some object smaller  than  itself if no target is within reach, then moves on to  spread more destruction. It gains a +25 bonus for Attacks, gains 1 additional Full Action per turn, but suffers a -50 penalty to  Physical Defense Checks. This lasts for d10+2 turns or until a  therianthrope-humanoid is dead. 

Hard to Kill:  Anytime that a therianthrope-humanoid is reduced to 0 health it may  make a Stamina Check. If successful a therianthrope-humanoid  continues to fight and move on. A therianthrope-humanoid must make a new  Stamina Check each time it is hit or once per turn until it can  be healed or is killed. If it fails the check it dies instantly. 

Natural Armor: The therianthrope-humanoid has a natural armor of (Stamina Modifier x3). 

Regeneration:  A therianthrope-humanoid can regenerate Health Points equal to (their  Stamina modifier) health points per hour, along with regenerating  lost limbs.

Hybrid Form Statistics 


Health Points: +15 (to PC Base) 

Attack Skill: +10 (to PC Base)        

Initiative: +10 

Attacks: Talon/Bite (5/7;a10,b5) 

Armor: None 

Physical Defense: +25 (to PC Base)     Magical Defense: +10 (to PC Base) 

Divine Defense: +15 (to PC Base)        Jinhu Defense: +15 (to PC Base) 

Move: Flight (Winged) 50' MC:B     Luck Points: 2     Vision: See Below 

Attributes: Str: +10, Agi: +15, Per: +15                             

                     Int: +15, Will: +15 

Special Abilities 

Battle Frenzy When  a wereraven becomes battered, it flies into a battle frenzy until it is  killed or is returned to a non-battered state.  During this time a  wereraven becomes immune to critical hits, and gains +30 to its attacks  and +15 to its Physical Defense.

Dark Sight  A  wereraven is able to see through all forms of non-magical darkness by  means of heightened eyesight that allows a wereraven to see the world in  shades of gray. 

Flight (winged)  During  flight any skills that require concentration suffer -20 penalty, while  hovering any skills that require concentration suffer -40 penalty when  being used (i.e. Attack Skill, Defense Skill, Spell craft, Jinhu  Discipline, Divine Knowledge and other such skills.) With a  Concentration Skill check this penalty is reduced by 5 per 2 successes  on the skill check.  They can carry up to ten times their Stamina Score  in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing medium types of armor slows  their flight movement by one-quarter while wearing heavy armor reduce  their movement by one-half. 

Frightening Screech Three  times per day as a Basic Action a wereraven is able to direct a  frightening screech at a single target that is within 20’ of it.  The  targeted creature gains a Willpower check vs. TS of 5 those that fail  become Troubled for 2d10 turns.  Those that succeed in  their check cannot be affected again by the wereraven's screech for 24  hours.  Creatures that are already troubled become Scared, those that  are already scared become Frightened. 

Superior Flight  Three times per day for up to 5 turns a wereraven may quadruple its normal fly rate. 

Animal Form Statistics 

Raven Form (Medium Sized; 5'-6') 

Health Points: 73     

Attack Skill: 73/63; 

Attacks: Talons (5) or Bite (7); +4 Per Dmg     

Armor Type: None 

Physical Defense: 60        Magical Defense: 57    

Divine Defense: 58           Jinhu Defense: 58 

Str: 67 (3) Sta: 65 (3) Agi: 71 (4) Per: 70 (4) 

Int: 62 (2) Wits: 62 (2) Will: 74 (4) Cha: 71 (4) 

Move: Flight (Winged) 120' MC:A       Vision: Perfect Nightvision        


               Alertness 69, Evade 76, Search 76, Stealth 76, Track 74 

Special Abilities 

Flight (winged)   During flight any skills that require concentration suffer -20 penalty,  while hovering any skills that require concentration  suffer -40 penalty when being used (i.e. Attack Skill, Defense Skill,  Spell craft, Jinhu Discipline, Divine Knowledge and other  such skills.) With a Concentration Skill check this penalty is reduced  by 5 per 2 successes on the skill check.  They can carry  up to ten times their Stamina Score in total weight with no penalties.  Wearing medium types of armor slows their  flight movement by one-quarter while wearing heavy armor  reduce their movement by one-half. Movement Class is based  on size:  (B)

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